Mei Ann Troncalli
Born 1/25/2011 in FengCheng city, Jiangxi providence, China

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Where did the October go?

I am unsure what happened to October, but it is gone. I have not posted anything, I was planning on doing that but somehow always found something else to do.

Halloween went really well. Both of our kids loved it. I kind of expect Mei would be scared looking at all the decoration, costumes and all of that in the night. Not at all. Brent took them trick & treating while I was at our driveway giving out candy. They all arrived happy with sugar high. There were some empty wrappers in their buckets and suckers in their mouths. And let me say Mei loves candy.

Here are pictures of their outfits. We did not do much on staging the pictures as you can tell.

We also had the 6 months post placement visit from our social worker. All went well. We really like the home study agency. Our social worker lives close by, which is another added bonus. I can not believe we are home with our Mei for 6 months.

Mei also started to talk some sentences like: Daddy will be back. Daddy made food. And more I frankly do not understand yet. Have to say this again that Mei's adoption went above and behind of what we expected. It could not be better. She is smart, funny and of course beautiful. You have to forgive me I am little bias.

On the other hand I still feel little guilt about how lucky we are with our Mei, with her health, personality and the way she blended in our family. Over last few months she really came out of her shell. First few weeks and months she was the child whose main interest is to please you. Well she learned from Marco that it is more the other way around. She can stand her ground now, is spunky and can say no. All and all she is to be two year old with all the attidute there is at that age.

Big step for me - I think the election pushed me over - I have applied after 10 years for US citizenship. I just currently learned that I still can keep my Czech citizenship, which is important to me. I can not keep up with politics in Czech anymore nor I want to. So why not to vote for something that actually influence my life. Big way point was also that my green card will expire in year.

Both kids were going to daycare 5 days a week. I have decided to back off and do only 3 days. I will still have to do my 5 days work somehow (nap times, nights, my DH days off), but I think I can handle that. Hmm, let's talk about this in a month or so. We have made some plans for future (sorry can not share yet) and need to save some money. No more eating out either (tear dropp inserted hear), but that is actually better for us and healthier. A lot of things seemed to change a value lately for us. Maybe we are getting older and finally found out that we do not want to keep up with Joneses or more likely my DH finally broke me, because he never was the one. I am guilty here. Maybe it is the outdoor industry we run our business in. Maybe is arrival of Mei in our home. Yes with adoption we did miss the mainstream america also. Anybody ever felt like this?

I will leave at this, because it is a lot of rambling. Hope my next post will not be in month but earlier.

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  1. Love the update! I understand how you feel about feeling guilty that everything has gone smoothly and she's healthy! That's how we feel too. I also understand about the money thing. Yes, there are things I want but when I hear people talking about spending hundreds of dollars on make-up, designer clothes, shoes, etc. I just think how silly it is! We have a far more precious possession in our girls!!