Mei Ann Troncalli
Born 1/25/2011 in FengCheng city, Jiangxi providence, China

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Re-adoption finalized!

This week we had finalized Mei's Re-adoption. Her adoption was already finalized officially, but some states require also re-adoption in state. Georgia does not. So we really did not have to do that, but there is a catch. Mei would not have American looking birth certificate and I can imagine how difficult it would be to try to use the Chinese certificate as she grows and needs to use it, or if she moves to state where she will be required to do re-adoption. Now we can apply for Mei's certificate of foreign birth.

This was big step for us. We did it ourselves with help of adoption online community. Some good souls share sample petition that we had to file with court. Yeah more paperwork. We filed it all about two moths ago and waited until the court day. It was November 26th. So on this day we had to go in front of Judge and explain the adoption. I think the whole meeting was about 5-10 minutes. We had to wait first in courtroom until it was our turn, but they took adoption cases first. Mei did great and I am glad they took us first ahead of the normal cases and that it was in judges chambers. Mei would not be quiet.

Here is our picture waiting in the courtroom.
 And here is picture with Judge Bagley.
My adoption friends - you can email me if you have any question about this process, it is doable.

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  1. I definitely would love to hear how to do this yourself. I haven't looked into this yet. Honestly it makes me mad that I can't get a birth certificate for our daughter without re adopting. Seriously feels like they are just using this as an excuse to get more money. Thanks!