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Born 1/25/2011 in FengCheng city, Jiangxi providence, China

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Back home and wishing the vacation would last longer

We are back from our vacation in Smoky Mountains and my parents left this Friday. We all miss them already. It feels like I never have enough time to spend with them. Our lives are constant Go Go Go, but whose isn't, right?

Anyway here are some of my favorite pictures from the trip.


On the ride at the Dollywod

This is where my hearth skip. Marco always wants to do everything with his daddy, but yet here going on the sled drive he chooses his mommy. Really? I asked that question thinking he would go with Brent and also knowing I wold feel more comfortable if he goes with him. Well I put brave face on and went. My sweet boy.
Gatlinburg - Mei had to take some naps in the stroller.
Cade's cove biking.

Mei and her first attempt on push bike. She just has to do everything her bigger brother does.

Here I have to stop and say that Marco graduated to the "big bike", meaning pedals and no training wheels. We did about 5 miles today on Greenway and he rode it all. With his daddy running after him and me behind with running stroller trying to catch up. I only wished I took some pictures.

Throwing rocks in the stream behind the camper.

Me and my babies.


  1. Great photos! You are a beautiful family of four!

  2. Great pictures! I love that you have several with you in them as we mommies have a tendency to be taking the pictures instead of in them. Way to Go, Marco! That was quite a bike ride for a little boy!

  3. Hi Eva, Thanks for commenting on my blog and letting me know you're aka EAT. :)

    I love the Smokey Mtns. Believe it or not though, we've been there many times but never to Dollywood. We live in TN and I guess we just don't think it is worth the price. Might also have something to do with the fact we usually go up in January during off-season rates and Dollywood is all but closed for a few weeks.

    I take that back; we've been to Splash Country. It is fun. Small but fun.

    BTW, did you love camping up there? It sounds like you did. We haven't taken our camper up there b/c we haven't been since we got it a couple of years ago. Guess we need to try it out!

    I really hope you and your family are able to go RVing for an extended trip. I would LOVE nothing better but DH's job just wouldn't work with that. He is self-employed so not much chance of changing for that. Maybe someday when we retire LOL! Not sure when that'll be!

    I think your pics are great regardless of the camera. Your subjects are adorable, so no fancy camera needed!!!

    Glad to read how well Mei is doing and big brother too!