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Born 1/25/2011 in FengCheng city, Jiangxi providence, China

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

First beach experience

About a month and half ago I decided to bring our kids to the beach, so they can escape Georgia and experience something new. Heck what am I talking about here? Hmm Marco visited about 9 different countries, 3 different continent and Mei, well everything is new for her. I guess it is my travel bug. I knew that after going to China for couple of weeks and Brent's busy schedule with the stores being in full season, there was no chance that he could come with us. So to minimize the damage we went in the same time as his business trip to Utah (about 2 weeks ago). So off we went. 3 ladies and 3 kiddos (one of my girlfriend has adorable daughter Mei's age).

The drive took us 9 hours instead of 7, but all well. Kids handled it very well, my tailbone different story.

Mei loved the beach, so did Marco. We had wonderful time, just wished that Daddy could be there and not miss all of this. Here are some pictures.


I so hope one day I will learn how to take good pictures and maybe get a nice camera, but this will have to do for now. One day ............. Oh I use this wording way too much lately.
By the way tomorrow is the first day of daycare for kids. If all will go well, they will be going 3 times a week. I am little worried about Mei, but hopefully it will be fine. She will be the only one child potty trained in her room. They do not start potty until the children reach 2 (or that particular group). So they will be walking her to the next room to potty. I so hope this will not disrupt her ability to do that. As of now she stays dry in her underwear whole day. In the night it is different story. I put diaper on her, I guess because I do not want to get up and am lazy. Problem now is that she knows what diapers are for. She points at them and says potty. The same way as she points at the potty and says the word potty. So she thinks that is what they are for. Again one day I will take her off the night diapers. Again one day ......
Did I say Marco was also the first one potty trained in his class? That is what you get from combination of European momma, cloth diapers and and my general hate of diapers. Just saying it is possible and Mei's foster mom did great job with Mei's training as a lot of Chinese people do.

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