Mei Ann Troncalli
Born 1/25/2011 in FengCheng city, Jiangxi providence, China

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mei's foster parents info

So as our kids are fighting the sickness they probably got on the plane or brought back from China and as I try to console them in night, between going to their rooms and trying to sleep, I opened my email and there it is - Pictures of the foster mom, her home, questions we had asked and other info.

I feel like we have gotten the info that was possible to get for her at this point. Although we never got to meet the foster mom, but at least we have pictures and some answers. Maybe that is how it should have been anyway. Maybe if we would see them it would hurt both of them and it might frightened our Mei.

We got confirmed from her foster mom that Mei is very easy baby and is very smart. We also learned that she was very loved by her foster mom,who said that she would love to adopt her, because she is just perfect, but she realize and wishes her better life with us in US. Her foster home was very simple and spar. I know that does not mean that she would not had good life there, but now there is another spot for another orphan to be placed with foster mom and not in orphanage.

We also learned that there was basic note found with her when she was abandon. It gave the time of birth and birth weight. She was found in the evening of January 26th just a day after being born. She was clothed very warmly and bundled in thick blanket. She was left at the gate of the SWI. Across the street is big bus station.This was probably very hard and emotional time for her China mom, but I am very thankful that we could become her parents. she is wonderful and won our hearths instantly.

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  1. I'm curious how you were able to get the information? We have thought about trying to find out more about our girls. The details the swi gave us seem so vague and don't even seem to apply.