Mei Ann Troncalli
Born 1/25/2011 in FengCheng city, Jiangxi providence, China

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mei's Day

Today we flew to Nanchang to meet our Mei. Before I start on this! I just want to say that Beijing is probably the nicest airport I ever been too. Just a side note - if you travel with small children you can go through special services check in.


Now the important part. Around 3:45 we heard the bell at the door of our hotel room and there is she - our Mei Ann. I was little scared to pick her up. After little arm wrestling (she would not let go of the orphanage director's arms) I got to hold her. She looks like she will cry for about a minute, than she got better. Still quiet and not sure what to think about us. Marco start playing arround her and we could see first giggles.

She has done really great so far. She seems very healthy. There are 2 little scars looking like burn marks on her body, but nothing else that I can see. I am not even sure if she will fit in all the close that i brought for her. I mught need some 24 months instead of 18 month. And yes she eats. She like green vegetables. Really? I can wish that I could talk Marco into eating them.

No more talking, but rather some pictures here:

I am so tired, so heading to bed. Good night and Happy Mothers Day!



  1. Oh Eva, she is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!

    Barbara (with your agency, from RQ ;-) )

  2. Happy Mother's Day! She's a doll! Love all that hair, oh my! It looks like Marco is in love too! :) I think she may be bigger than Brielle? She is wearing 12 months and some 18 mo clothes. Are the scars on her upper arm? If so, they are from the bcg vaccine that's for TB. Brielle has them too.

  3. Eva, she is beautiful! Happy Mother's Day!

    Rebekah (from DTC group and your agency)

  4. What a beautiful daughter and sister. Congratulations to your family on this most special of days. Enjoy your time together. Happy Mother's Day!

  5. Mila Eva a cela rodinka,
    Blahozelam vam z celeho srdca.Mei je nadherna s malym Marcom su velmi rozkosny.My sme natocili vela malych videi ,dnes to dievcata velmi radi pozeraju. Nasa Yasminka ma tiez jazvicku na rameni z ockovania proti TBC.

  6. Congratulations and happy Mother's Day! We are excited to see the newest member of the Troncalli family. She is just adorable.

    All our love,
    Sharon, Charlie, Stephen and Lisa

  7. mei ann looks a little like brent! she is so cute! I love the intent look! She will be smart and fun like her momma! Marco looks so excited! Wow seems like just yesterday we took this same trip! So happy for you all! Can not wait to meet mei ann and her big brother marco!

  8. What a wonderful Mother's Day gift. I am so happy for the four of you. Enjoy this special time together as a family. Hugs all around. :). Kenna and family