Mei Ann Troncalli
Born 1/25/2011 in FengCheng city, Jiangxi providence, China

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 8 - Visiting Fengcheng

This morning we head out to the city of Fengcheng where is Mei from. After the orphanage recommendation not to go visit the SWI or meet with the foster mom we decided at least drive into the city of Fengcheng and go tho her finding place. I am glad we did it. It helped me understand and see the China where is Mei from. There were a lots of farms, but not the farm buildings that we know from US. It more looked like bigger townhouses with usually 3 floors. The bottom floor looked like workshop/garage and the top like living quarters. Most of them were growing rice, we also so quite few farms for sweet water pearls. You can see construction just about everywhere and with it a lot of trash.

A lot of fields had little hills/piles with flowers on top, which I learned from our guide is a place where families burry their deceased.

Here are some pictures to show how the country is so different from the city.



Here is our Mei's finding place. It was in the gate to Social Welfare Insitute, which houses the orphanage, home for old people and Social service offices.

This is Fengcheng orphanage. As of now they have very few children. We saw one of the nannies in the window.

In last post or two I described why we did not go to orphanage. One of the reason was that Mei has never been there. Second was that the orphanage (per my guide words) was not so into people visiting them. So you can imagine how I felt when the director storm out there and seemed to have heated discussion with our guide. She said that it is all good, but he was surprised that we came. At this point we hope to get some info from the worker that we hired to go into the orphanage to take pictures of Mei's file, visit with foster mom, ask questions, get pictures.

Little later our guide got a phone call that Mei's file is not there, some orphanage worker has it and he/she is on vacation. Really? So we were told we can get refund. Which by the way is pretty good chunk of money. We said that we want the file also, so they suppose to email us all the info later. So probably no original pictures like we thought we would get.

So after being told not to meet with foster mom, who has history of not wanting to give the children back, being told not to go inside the orphanage, the argument I saw with the director and the missing file - I am having little weird feeling about this. We just want to learn as much as we can about her for us and for her in future, but it seems like this is just not going the right direction. And I know this is also very typical in China adoption, but it still makes me sad. I just see this WALL between me and some info. Is there something to hide or am I just being not reasonable? I so wish I could have told the foster mom thank you, but it will not happen. We have sent 2 disposable cameras and got them back, so I hope if nothing else we will get some pictures from her foster home. Did I mention we also send other items like picture album, list of questions and others, but those did not make it to us.

On the other hand Mei is doing very well. She took the 3 hours in the car very well.

Tomorrow is our free day. We will just probably go to the people's park and relax as a family. Friday we will get Mei's documents and fly to Guangzhou where is the US Embassy.


  1. Sorry for your frustration but glad Mei is doing so well. Best wishes!

  2. I completely agree! I too feel that things were being hidden from me. I would ask a question and they wouldn't really answer it. I wish they would have just said "I don't know" if that was the truth, but instead they avoided the question altogether. I had a AP friend say that they felt the person was just making up answers on the fly. So reality is we just take what we do get and use it to tell he story. Reality is I WILL be saying often to my daughter's questions, "I don't know." She will get the truth as best as I can tell her with what info I received, but yes it just left me so unsettled and I didn't realize how hard the unknown answers would be.

  3. I am so sorry your trip to Fengcheng turned out like that. How frustrating and unsettling that must feel! It makes me wonder if we will experience the same thing, even though we have been told we will get to meet the foster families for our girls. It's so sad to know that there are people who know about our daughters past, but yet we may never have access to that knowledge. I'm glad Mei is doing so well. She is a beautiful girl!