Mei Ann Troncalli
Born 1/25/2011 in FengCheng city, Jiangxi providence, China

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 16 - Departing China

In couple hours we are heading to the airport. Our flight leaves just after the noon. We are flying through Seoul to Atlanta with Korean Air.

I am sad that Mei is leaving her country and all the tradition, language and heritage. I am glad that we saw different sides of China and there is plenty more. We visited powerful Beijing with its Great wall, Forbidden City and others. Than we went to Jiangxi and saw the poorer site of the China. We were told that this part of country is somewhere in medium of how rich/poor it is. The most poorest is the west site of China with villages without running water. To my understanding we are not allowed there. Next step on our journey was Guangzhou which seemed to me very westernized and modern city. I was glad to be here. No mopeds going all directions and we can cross the street with caution. I would not recommend this in Nanchang much, unless you have to.

We saw a lot of history of China and stayed in one of the nicest hotels. I could not afford them in US.

I am ready to leave squatty potties behind. I have encountered them before and did not think that much about them. Well I am done now.

I will miss the great breakfast we get every morning, but I can not wait to go home wash my clothes, see my dogs and settle. I loved this trip and hope to come back.

We will see you in Atlanta!


  1. It was fun to follow your blog Eva. Have a safe trip home. I look forward to more updates as you arrive back in the US. We are at day 59 in our LOA wait. Hopefully we'll get some news soon! I can hardly wait to get to China !

  2. Eva I have enjoyed your trip thru this has been wonderful! Cannot eait to see you back home. Hugo and Lola miss their family! Love you all!

  3. I have so enjoyed following along on your journey to Mei Ann! Best of luck as you settle in at home and get over jet lag. Hope the flight was peaceful...


  4. Mila Eva, bolo mi potesenim citat vas blog,prinieslo to vela spomienok spat a moznost ukazat nasej Yasminke miesta, kde sme sa aj my prvykrat stretli ako rodina.
    Stastnu cestu domov.