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Born 1/25/2011 in FengCheng city, Jiangxi providence, China

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 14 &15 - Guangzhou

Tuesday we went back to Shamian Island to walk around, play on playground and shop. We ate at Cow and Bridge, which is Thai restaurant. Food was great. The bill surprise us with a lot of little fees on it (it was not that high), so we asked our guide and learned that we got charged for those little napkins, and they are little, for chips they gave us and the plate Marco broke. I have not seen anywhere else getting charged for the napkins. By the way for the Garden guests - there is one of these restaurants behind garden.

Both of our kiddos enjoyed the playground and did not enjoy when we left it.
Garden hotel - here I have to stop and give you some info. It is five star hotel and for sure the fanciest hotel I stayed in. If you want to dine in their restaurant the buffet will cost you 288 RMB per person (about $50 US) - pricey. Our room included breakfast and it was really good. Garden also has little ponds with tons of Cois in and nice manicured gardens. We had suite and it was really nice with 2 kids. Next pictures are mainly for my fellow adoptive families who want to know how the room looks like.

Our messy and fuzzy living room, but you get the picture.

Our bedroom. If you look on left you can see the window with blind - behind it is bath and shower. The blind is remote controlled. Marco loved it.

Bathroom and on he left are two doors, one to the toilet and one to the room with shower and bath tub.

Here is the view from the shower to the bedroom.

Our gang in front of Garden hotel registration.

There are plenty of restaurants and shops around. You can go across the street to very pricey mall. Subway is just outside of the hotel. It is very easy and inexpensive to ride a taxi around.

Tomorrow Thursday May 24th we will head out to the airport around 9:45. I am not looking forward the airplane ride with two little kiddos. Just hope for uneventful flight.

See you home soon!



  1. I just loved the bathroom at the Garden. What a lovely, lovely hotel. We were VERY happy there.