Mei Ann Troncalli
Born 1/25/2011 in FengCheng city, Jiangxi providence, China

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 12 - Guangzhou Baiyn Mountain

Today after late breakfast we venture out to Baiyun mountain. It is about 15-20 min by taxi. We took the cable car up almost all the way to the top. And we were glad, it was so humid that we were soaking wet before we got up there. The park was very tropical, looking like jungle in places. Very nice landscape with what a lot of ferns, vincas, low palms and other shady loving plants. They build a lot of pathways going down this mountain, we took one going by the stream. It was very pretty, but slippery. It felt like Florida in the middle of summer just after the rain. We and the kids were covered in sweat.

This was at the foot of the mountain. Marco was not cooperating with us, so he missed the picture.

Here is where the cable car will bring you and from here you can go up the hill even further (behind Marco) and we did not. We walked to the Dragon spring (something like that) about 1/3 way up the mountain and than walked all the way back down. The park was packed with a lot of people. You could see groups singing and dancing. Most of the Chinese people walked up the mountain, we were told it takes 2 hours to the top. 2 kids in backpacks and the humidity - no thank you at least not today. We saw ladies in dresses and heals hiking up the mountain. It hurt just looking at them, but I guess that is the price you pay for looking good. Not my cup of tea I guess.

Marco wanted ice cream, so we bought one. It tasted like formula with some undefined flavoring. Gross, ugh. Even Marco did not like it much, after few bites he gave it back to us.
View from the top,well almost the top.
Marco is not smiling here much, he is completely soaked by sweat, but the tree was so pretty. It does not even show here.
And here is glimpse of split pants. It is somewhat practical, no diapers required. It's all good as long as you look what you stepping in. I have not seen any kids going right on the walkways in Guangzhou, but in Nanchang it was so typical. Parents did not even try to put them on the trees or grass. Here is the boy's bottom, but you could clearly see his .... (front equipment) when walking. I did not take a picture of that, but you can imagine. I am considering these for potty training purposes :)


To continue once the pictures will get to Picassa. It seems Garden hotel internet is little slower



  1. All of the pictures are adorable! Hurry up and come home!

  2. We went there! White Cloud Mountain, right? It is gorgeous but no, we did not go all the way to the top although we did walk. Pictures with the split pants are too funny. Mei is adorable! So glad everything is going well. The visit to the SWI reminds me of our experience with Sarah's SWI, down to the nannies waving from the windows. I will tell you more about it sometime!

    Glad to hear the Garden is great--think our agency uses that now!