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Born 1/25/2011 in FengCheng city, Jiangxi providence, China

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day 1 - Beijing

Before I start please excuse my missing language and photography skills.

This morning start way to early. We thought (hoped) if our Marco (3 year old) went to bed at midnight that he will sleep little longer - NOPE - we got 3:30 am wake up call and he was ready. This was not very good outlook for today. With counting all of that Marco did awesome.

We started around 8 am with taking subway to Tianamen square (sorry do not remember spelling and my DH is sleeping already). As Nancy (another and more experience adoptive parent) described on her post it was easy. And yes we got in one of those crowded trains where you have to push your body inside of the train, just like Nancy described. Buying tickets was also very easy. There was very nice young man who offered and helped buy our tickets. On the way back we graduate to buying them our selfs. It also helps that our Pentax hotel is right next to Subway station. On that note - we love the hotel, but if you want to stay here get the executive room. Those are the renovated ones, the rest is being renovated. Down site is the renovation during the day.

So first stop was Tianamen square. We did to spent much time here. Next we headed to Forbidden City. Here I will stop and say we just walked it without guy. Brent downloaded guide app on his phone for this tour. Otherwise you can hire someone right there to guide you.
We loved it. It was beautiful and very big. Marco was in pretty good mood until arround 11 am.
Here it comes - Marco is tired, but that lasted about 15 minutes. There are also beautiful gardens in Forbiden city. Running through them and posing for pictures to strangers obviously woke up Marco and put him in good mood.
Above Forbiden City is some kind of pavilion with more gardens which we have not approach with consideration of Marcos needed nap. I hope we can squeeze it in on Saturday.

So we headed back to Tianamen square and than back to hotel for needed nap, not only Marco's but ours also.

After the nap (which was wonderful) we headed for Temple of Heaven and it's park. We knew that the Temple will be closed, but want to visit the beautiful park anyway. There were a lot of people doing their excessive, dancing, singing and some of them flying the kits. A lot of older people. Here is all the exercise equipment, not weights or anything like that. You have to use your own body weight on all of these. I have seen miniature version of these in Istanbul Turkey.

Here is Temple of Heaven in background. Again we hope to have time to come back.

Interesting sign - the use of words. Hmm I am sure that I have created something similar before.

And here is our gang, well except me. We are lucky to have parents who came with us for help.

Can't you tell who got tired here:)
Tomorrow we are headed for Great Wall and Summer Palace. We have hired guide/driver "John yellow car", who was recommended by adoptive families. He is picking us up early. On that note I am going to leave and get ready.


  1. Just awesome! Thank you for sharing your journey. Hope you get some good rest and have a great day tomorrow!

  2. Fantastic pictures and language skills!! :)

  3. Wow! Thanks for sharing! I'd love to know were you got the backpack? Seems perfect!