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Friday, March 16, 2012

Another step closer - NVC cable letter

  •     Get GUZ# - DONE
  •     Get Cable PDF letter - DONE
  •     Article V - will be dropped off 3/20/2012 with scheduled pick up 4/3/2012 - DONE
  •     Travel Approval  .......... waiting
  •     Consulate appointment ..........waiting
This morning we received our PDF Cable Letter which says that our case has been forwarded to the US Consulate in Guangzhou, China. This means our agency can drop of Article V for revision at US Consulate on Tuesday 27th. We missed today, since China is 12 hours ahead of us and US consulate is not open for drop offs on Mondays. It is strictly standard process for Article V. It will take exactly 2 weeks, so it will be available for pick up on 4/3/2012. Than all the paperwork will go to CCCWA (Chinese authority) and they will issue our Travel Approval -TA. TA is the "Biggie". After TA we will just request Consulate appointment, which should be done in day or so.
Wow we are so close. We do expect to leave for China between May 1-15. That depends greatly on TA.
Cross your fingers.


  1. Eva- Your process has been so smooth! Yeah! You are exactly one week behind us so depending on how long we wait for TA, we could be in China together!!

  2. So glad you got your Art 5 drop off. One more step off the list. Enjoy the next 2 weeks. I think this is the most stressless time of the whole process. The only "wait" that has a for sure time line :)

  3. Fingers crossed! So excited for you and your family!

  4. are getting so close! angie