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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Switching agencies

I have not posted in a while. It was hard not to get matched for a couple of months.

Just for you that do not know how the system works her it is:
Once a month China releases a shared list, which is usually on the last Monday of the month around 9 pm eastern time. Our agency coordinators are up that night and try to match each family with the child per their request of SN, gender and age. Well we had not been matched for several months. I have to say this made the weeks of shared list pretty miserable for me (well us, Brent had to deal with me).
Well we are passed that. After yet another unsuccessful match week in November I decided that we will have to try to find our baby ourselves. There are agencies (not ours) that work with specific orphanages and  get referrals assigned to them. They match these little ones first with their familie's and than they try to advocate for them themselves on different levels.
There is a website called Rainbow Kids which is a place to advocate children. Around December I started stalking this website. On December 7th there was a file of a little girl named "Claire" popping on the RK.

So here I am leaving the house going to buy gifts for our nieces Claire and Emily and saw the email for little girl named Claire on the RK. What a coincidence, right? So I called my dear Brent and told him about calling the posting agency (AAC) right away. By the end of the day we received her file and forwarded it to our International adoption doctors for review.

12/11/11 - We got call from Dr. Jenista saying that she is in good heath. That was shocking. Dr. Jenista is known for the worst case scenario, but it was not - it was very good.

12/12/11 we decided to write LOI (Letter of Intent) and switch agencies.

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