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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Decision to adopt / Rozhodnuti o adopci

I am starting our blog couple months into the process.
Now, how and why did we decide to adopt? My dear husband (DH) and I decided long before we had our son Marco that it would be nice to have our biological child (if possible) and then try to adopt the next one. So the time came and here we are looking at adopting a Chinese girl/boy. As of now I am undecided which I want.

Tento blog zacinam uz v dobe kdy jsme nasi adopci zacali.
Proc adopce? Ja a Brent jsme se rozhodli dlouho predtim nez se nam narodil Marco, ze nase dalsi dite bude adoptovane.
A letos nastal cas a vrhli jsme se na adopci Cinskeho chlapecka ci holcicky. V tehle dobe si jeste nejsme jisti chlapecek/holcicka?

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